Friday, December 4, 2009

Another frosty morning

It's 32 degrees and clear.

Last night, after dinner, I spent some time sorting and organizing my seeds for next year. 17 days from now, it'll be time to wintersow again. Some were purchased, some were trades, many were collected. In no particular order...

salvia subrotunda
Double red bee balm
shell pea vine
Yvonne's salvia
Castor Bean - red
Anise hyssop "Golden Jubilee"
Mexican Hat
Rudbeckia hirta - yellow
Marigold "Cottage Red"
Cosmos "Sensation White"
Zinnia "Chippendale Daisy"
Straightneck squash
Rudbeckia "Prairie Sun"
Zinnia mix
Cosmos sulphureus
Golden Wax beans
Red Texas Star Hibiscus
Achillea "Summer Past"
Tuber vervain
Drummond phlox
Lobelia cardinalis
Cosmos "Single Sensation" mixed
Monarda bergamo
Disco Belle Hibiscus Mix
Sunflower "Chianti Hybrid"
Painted Daisy
Agastache "Apricot Sprite"
Adonis aestivalis
Verbascum "Milkshake"
Petunia mix
Dutchman's pipe vine
Salvia coccinea "purple"
Asclepias tuberosa - orange
California Poppy mix
Amaranthus "Autumn Pallet"
Pampas Grass
Unknown - "Carla's yard"
Pea "Sugar Daddy"
Salvia coccinea "Coral Nymph"
Datura inoxia
Sunflower "Red Sun"
Queen Anne's Lace
Nicotiana - white
Bee balm "Pink petite"
Rudbeckia hirta "Cherry Brandy" collected
Coreopsis "Mahogany midget"
Yellow Milkweed
Four O'clocks - pink
Agastache mix
Laura Bush petunia
Calycanthus floridus
Solid White hibiscus
Pride of Barbados
Hyacinth Bean - white
The other red hibiscus
Asclepias Incarnata - pink
Datura - triple yellow
globe basil
Giant Red Amaranthus
Morning Glory - blue/purple
Gaillardia - red/orange/yellow
Blue milkweed
Four O'clock - white
Penstemon "Husker Red"
Coleus "Sunset"
Pineapple Sage
Castor Bean - green
Rudbeckia hirta - browns
Cosmos "Double click"
Salvia "Augusta Duelberg"
Plectranthus "Silver Shield"
Castor Bean - purple
Okra "Clemson Spineless"
Cosmos "Sensation"
Zinnia Dahlia California
Siberian Wallflower
Creeping Thyme
Hosta - variegated
Cosmos "Seashell"
Mealy Blue Sage
Morning Glory - Light blue
Tomatoes - Marion, Purple Cherokee, Green Zebra, Yellow Jubilee, Purple Krim, Yellow Pear, German Johnson, Brandywine Yellow, Rutgers, Roma, Striped German, Hawaiian Pineapple

I need more dirt.


Darla said...

and probably some containers too!

Unknown said...

Dude, you need more than dirt! Sounds like you need about 300 more hands!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Oh, I have containers. Lots of containers.

Tim, I also have a couple months to get all these sown. I plan to do at least 20 container every time the almanac says to start seed beds. Usually this is just before the full and new moons.

I need to get my hoophouse up in another couple of weeks. I'll be sowing perennials in there first, then moving them out in March to start the annuals. I have a system this year.