Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another foggy day

Day 3 of feeling like I'm living in Stephen King's "The Mist". Hopefully it will rain this afternoon. This humidity is really getting on my last nerve. Where's the sun?

Inside, where I'll stay until I leave for work, new roots are appearing in the cloner. Knockout Roses are being tested. A couple have developed decent calluses. Others have done nothing. I've tried straight cuts above a node, just below a node, with and without rooting hormone, and nicking the skin to expose the white underbelly. Those with rooting hormone just below a node are the ones forming calluses. If they root, I'll start thinking about taking more rose cuttings from my other plants this spring.

A little color can be found in the dining room. Extra ornaments and a piece of pottery I've owned since 2003 sit in the center of my tiny table. Rosemary cuttings fill the air with the fragrance of Christmas.

It's 50 degrees and foggy. It was 45 when I went to bed last night.


denise said...

the weather for the past 6 weeks has set my SAD off earlier than usual. it doesn't usually kick in until january. if this is caused by el nino, i hope it's a short lived one.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Me too, Denise. But Farmers Almanac is claiming this to be a cool, wet winter for us here in the south. If I don't see some sun soon, I'm gonna have to move my plants and use the light rack for my own needs.

denise said...

ha! i've sworn off tanning beds but i'm afraid this year i'm at least going to have to sit in the room with one on.

Darla said...

Soggy and foggy around here too!! I really wonder about the song, 'The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.."

Jill-O said...

Your foggy photo is very pretty. I was out - with a cold - on Sunday trying to take pictures of the same, only with snow on the ground. Rosemary is a great substitute for the piney smell of a Christmas tree. Great idea and very festive.