Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mother Nature is bi-polar

Yesterday we got into the 60s with clouds, high winds, and late afternoon sunshine. This morning, it's 43 degrees with overnight temperatures in the mid-30s. The clouds are still here, but the sun is trying to break through. I'll spend some more time this morning trying to find a job. This afternoon, I hope to get part of the perennial bed trellis built. I'm getting tired of looking at those 4 ugly posts sticking out of the ground.

3:55pm - 50 degrees, mostly sunny with light winds.

I installed the top rails on the trellis. I also installed the eye bolts and the wire that my vines will climb this summer. Not sure how I want to proceed, so I'll think about it a while longer before adding anything else.



Found more spring bulbs popping out of the ground. I think these are hyacinths. They're at the edge of the daylily bed between the mailbox and the sidewalk.


I applied for more jobs this morning. I even applied at Wal-Mart for anything from cashier to management. I passed the test, so we'll see what happens. I also applied for a couple of city/county positions. Next on the list are grocery stores and Family Dollar. I want my high school guidance counselor fired.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

Things look like they are coming along nicely in your yard. I hope you find a job soon. I heard on the radio that they are starting to hire at the Census Bureau here in Nebraska. I wonder if they are other places too. I'm assuming it's temporary, but it may be interesting and lead you to make contacts with future job prospects.

Kris said...

Tom, I like the way you've strung the wire criss-crossed between the posts. I never would have thought of that. Nice!

A friend and I took the Census Bureau test early December. We got all the answers right, but have never heard from them. I, too, could use a job having been 'downsized' for a long time now. Thank goodness for gardening! :-)

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I've tried a few times to contact the census people here and in Charlotte which is about 45 minutes away. No call backs, nothing. I've got the number for the national office that I will call this morning.

I've been self-employed for over 4 years now. Building architectural models isn't exactly a money maker these days. It's time for a career change, but not the best time with the economy.

I strung wire like that on my condo patio french doors a few years ago. It's aluminum wire so it holds up well and doesn't rust. The eye bolts are galvanized because the timbers are pressure treated. Hope my blue morning glory seeds germinate.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Maybe you could build garden structures and install them. Also, this wouldn't be a career, but since you've mentioned selling plants, maybe you could make some kind of plant stakes to sell as well. Kris, I hope you hear from the bureau soon.

janie said...

Mother Nature is bi-polar here too. It was 78 degrees at noon today, and I was happily pulling weeds. In 15 minutes, the temp had dropped to 50 degrees, and I was in the house!

I really like that arbor. Does it have wire in the top as well?

I put vine seeds like morning glory, sweet peas, and purple hyacinth bean in several thickness' of damp paper towels and put them in a bowl or a mug in a warm place, and I'm sure to not let them dry out. In a few days, they germinate, and I plant the little sprouted seeds in the ground. In this way, I know the seeds are germinated, and they get a head start on life.

I hope we get to see pictures with those blue morning glories blooming! It will be a beautiful sight!