Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Slow but steady progress

It's sunny and 14 degrees. There's still a small amount of snow on the ground from yesterday. The forecast is calling for 40 degrees.

The dining room has progressed slower than I wanted it to. Waiting for plaster to dry so that it can be sanded is not how I intended to spend yesterday. But it is coming together. This morning, I will be sanding the rough edges. The walls in the dining room are in really bad shape. Normally, I would obsess about every little crack and bump in the plaster. I would need medication if I did that in this room. So instead, I'm going to sand the really rough parts, and hope I can live with it.

I'll post pictures when it's done. That should be this evening as I will be going to Winston-Salem to do some work for a friend on Thursday morning.

While I'm waiting for plaster to dry, again, here are some pictures of my wintersown sprouts that have endured nighttime temperatures in the single digits and about 4" of snow.

dianthus: maidens pink

cupid's dart

nicotiana sylvestres


covered with snow

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