Friday, January 2, 2009

Pre-spring cleannig

Today is a good day to clean.

In the basement, I have several boxes of receipts and income tax returns from 2003. It's time to stop carrying these things around with me. I also found a box of books that I haven't thumbed through in years. I'm going to bring them out and think about a good place to put them.

I found pictures from college. A few drawings and photographs done by friends are in there as well. They should be in frames. They're that good. I also found parts of my old college portfolio. I had put it together when I decided it would be a good time to leave my last job back in 2003. It took me almost a whole year, but I finally went out on my own to found my company. With the economy in the trash, there's no money in architectural models these days. A new career is in the works, but I'm not sure what it will entail just yet. It needs to be something that combines technical skills with a creative aspect. I need both to keep from stagnating.

I've also found pottery that I purchased at a trade show back in 2001. I had just purchased my condo in Charlotte and was looking for decorative items. I really wish it was time to bring these items back out of storage, but the house isn't finished yet. There will be a few items brought out, three pictures of me and two friends. It no longer goes with my decor, but I think they'll work. I just need to find a place to hang them.

It's cloudy and 34 degrees. Light snow was forecast but never came. Scattered showers possible later this evening will keep me inside for another day. The fever and chills are gone this morning. I still feel congested, but it's nothing like the past 4 days. I hope I can quit drinking NyQuil at night. It's been giving me some very odd dreams the past two mornings.

Today's song: Faithfully by Journey

10am: It's either snowing lightly, or a lot of the ash from burning tax records in the heater in the basement is going up the chimney. It is raining.

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