Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Working in the rain.

I woke up this morning to find it raining again. I thought it was forecast for tonight, but the storms seem to be moving faster than I realized. We're under a flash flood watch until Friday morning. It's good to live on a hill.

The shrub island is gone. I moved some stones to the back edge of the yard, connecting the swing to the succulent bed that has struggled all summer. A very full wheelbarrow load is in the basement, promised to Carla.

I've sown fescue grass seed on the meadow and the shrub island. The annual hibiscus will be removed when the seed pods are ready. The fig has a new ring of stones.

Coreopsis "Full Moon" just keeps on keeping on. I haven't deadheaded once.

The knockouts are blooming again.

This bulbous plant (a name that ends in dietes, perhaps?) is blooming. I just moved these bulbs and long spiky foliage a few weeks ago.

The second round of squash are blooming. It might be too late for a harvest.

It's 63 degrees. More rain this evening and overnight. Tomorrow, my first day off of a mini-vacation, I'll spend some more time in the yard editing the perennial bed and dividing a few plants. Rooted cuttings of sedums and Purple Queen may be planted. The red cabbages need to go in the ground too.


Randy said...

Your mystery, bulbous plant is an Abyssinian Gladiolus---Gladiolus callianthus. It used to be known as Acidanthera.

Darla said...

I should be doing some clean-up myself's nice to work in the rain sometimes.

Jean Campbell said...

Randy already told you about the Gladiolus Acidanthera murielae -- I do well to remember the old name, much less a new one. Some call it Peacock Orchid or Abyssinian gladiolus. They have a lovely fragrance. All mine died out but inexpensive to replace.