Thursday, September 2, 2010


It's only been a week. No spinach yet. Other things are coming up nicely.

A smattering of collards. I don't really care for them except in their raw form.

Pole beans.

Bush beans.

Yellow squash.

Cabbage. These will be plucked and separated once they've gotten a little larger. I'm going to plant them among the perennials by the driveway. I will eat these. I bought 9 red cabbage plants from the Bonnie's rack at work. I'll need to pick up a pack of Brussel Sprouts soon.

It's 77 degrees. No rain in the forecast for the next 10-15 days. The temperatures will remain in the 90s the entire time. Tomorrow, 97. I'm sick of summer.


Kris said...

That's a double 10-4 on the 'sick of summer' sentiment! *pant*

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Nice seedlings you have there... when temperature gets high, you pray for winter. But here we only have summer...