Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ginger and begonias.

Yesterday, at the store, we culled the last of the summer annuals for clearance. I was able to pick up 16 quart sized begonias. I pulled the impatiens and plopped the nursery pots into the window boxes. I don't know why this hasn't occurred to me before. It's so much easier than trying to transplant into the small plastic shoeboxes I was using previously.

Two years ago, I found some stray ginger lilies blooming in an abandoned lot here in town. I confiscated a few bulbs late that summer. I wasn't sure they would survive the move as they were blooming at the time. Planted along the back of the house, they didn't receive enough sun to bloom last summer. This past spring, as they started to emerge, I moved them to the perennial bed. One clump is finally blooming. The fragrance is intoxicating.

Yesterday, the Realtor stopped by to measure the house inside and out. She was heading back to the office around 5pm to finalize the listing. Just before 7, she called to schedule an appointment for a showing today. I didn't sleep well. I'm not sure what I'll do if the house sells this soon. I had planned on 6-8 months of spotless living where everything is in place. But it would be awesome to have an offer within a couple days of listing the house. The sign hasn't even been installed in the yard yet. The lockbox was placed on Thursday when the team of Realtors came for a visit.

This morning, it's 66 degrees. It doesn't feel cool outside. The humidity is near the 80% range. Hot and sunny again today. No rain in sight for the rest of the month. I'm continuing to drag the hose, watering only when absolutely necessary.


Kris said...

Great news about the quick showing! Good luck. I thought my 9 week sale was quick, but when we listed my Mom's a couple years later it was gone in 6 days! So stay on your toes. LOL

Those begonias have a lot of curb appeal. :-D

Betty819 said...

Did the realtor mention when the agency has their weekly staff meetings? Even though it will probably be on multiple listing, that staff meeting will be the time your realtor will make sure all the other realtors pay attention to your listing. Here Weichert has Tuesday meetings. Every time a realtor brings by a prospected client, you'll ve on pins and needles. What did your realtor suggest about the cat litter box? Some realtor will suggest you have a friend keep the cat while the house is on the market and put the cat litter box out of sight, but that's not always possible. Adding those begonias really makes those window boxes pop! I really think you will get an offer fast.

Cindy said...

We bought our house before the sign went up and ours needed lots of work. I can imagine how easy it would be for someone to fall in love with your place right off the bat ... especially if gardening is in their blood.