Monday, May 3, 2010

Rainy Day. It's Monday.

It's raining. It's Monday. I'm not down. It's been too long since we've had rain. Right now, it's a nice gentle rain falling. It'll turn into storms before the afternoon is done. The line of storms is moving Northeast at a steady pace. I hope it rains all day. It's 77 degrees.

It always rains just as the peonies come into full bloom.

Mr. Lincoln is really impressing me this year. I had a few blooms like this last year, but only one at a time. I love this plant.


Lagerfeld smells great. The pink coloring disappears as the blooms open to a silvery lavender.

The pink hybrid tea is impressive this year too.

My first strawberry.

Beans. I need to redo the teepee poles I set up for these. All of them are leaning due to high wind yesterday. I need to lash them together with some horizontal bamboo poles. I have plenty left.


Darla said...

I see the dampness of the rain. Our neighbor has Mr. Lincoln and he has 100's of blooms every year, seriously, 1oo's..

Cameron said...

It has barely drizzled so far here today. I do hope we get a generous rain. It's a chore to keep all of my seedlings moist out in the garden.

sweet bay said...

No rain here so far. It keeps fizzling out. We could use it.