Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Soggy all week.

Last night, storms passed through and dropped almost an inch of rain in a few hours. All week, there's a good chance we'll see storms overnight. Glad we got the budget out of the way over the weekend. Sales were strong this year, but not as good as last year.

The rain is making it hard for me to plan for the backyard. I need more blooms and flowers. I want it to feel more like the bed near the driveway. I can divide and sow and move plants. I like scattering seeds best. It's easy. I'll work on it more over the summer and fall. I got time.

Some bicolor Rose campion might be nice. It can take the dry soil and searing heat.

Datura blooms are coming.

The humid air fills with the aroma of magnolias and honeysuckle.

It's 77 degrees. I can't get over how nice it's been lately.


F Cameron said...

Lots of rain now...hope we continue to get rain all summer!

My rose campion just started blooming, but I have only the solid color magenta. I like the bicolor.

Jean Campbell said...

We could use some rain down this way. Things look good at your place.

Madagascar periwinkle seed and Tithonia scattered now will come up well and be good all summer. Mexican Hats, Zinnias and Petunias are others coming up now.

compost in my shoe said...

Please send us some! Not enough rain with the warm weather we have recently had. Feast or famine.

Pollye said...

the dianthus made me become a followers or your blog. I too am a gardener. I too planted dianthus and waited two years for the blooms and they are magnificent. I'm behind on my blog but will be catching up soon. your yard looks wonderful.