Monday, May 23, 2011

Feels like Summer.

92 degrees was the high today. Rain in the forecast again this weekend. Things are popping.

I can't remember who sent that Crinum bulb. I do remember a note saying it "might" survive in a protected site. So I put it against the corner of a south facing chimney. The sago palm that survived the winter is on the other corner. It's been three (maybe two) years since I planted it here.

For a whole buck, I picked up a very distressed Texas Everbearing Fig. I'm hoping some cow manure compost and a little tender care will bring it back to life.

The night I wait all winter for has arrived.

I'll be sitting outside half the evening watching it open.


greggo said...

Poppin is right. Do you have problems with the mealy blue sage putting out a lot of volunteers in your zone?

gld said...

Tom, you have my kind of garden!
It is looking wonderful.

Our hottest so far has been 89°.

F Cameron said...

The blue sage is one of my favorites, so I hope mine self-sow like crazy!

It will be 95 up here today, tomorrow and we go again. Too hot. Too soon.

scottweberpdx said...

Everything looks so lush and vibrant right now...that Salvia is a stunner, love that you've scattered them throughout the garden. We have at least another month before we see 90° weather, and I'm in no rush!