Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Life.

I took cuttings this morning of some weigela, azaleas, and vitex. I think it might be too early for vitex, but I'm experimenting again.

Then I squirrel-proofed it.

I hid the container under the deck on the North side of the house. I suspect I will check on them too infrequently and half or more will not survive. That's part of my process.

The fig tree I rooted in 2009/10.

We have tomato blossoms.

And blooming hosta.

But the crinum, stuck back in the rear steals the show for me. Graceful and delicate.

It's 84 degrees. My back is a tinge red again today. Vitamin D is flowing through my body. Older joints don't hurt as much under direct sun. The boat will be here soon. I'm so ready.


Jimmy said...

be careful of the sun and your complexion.

Your garden is gorgeous!

Audrey said...

I love your yard! The fig tree is really nice.
Do you have holes poked in the box that the cuttings are in? I want to try this rooting idea.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

No holes in the box, but I did poke holes in the cups I use to stick the cuttings. I leave a little water in the bottom of the container just to keep the humidity up. Check them once a week to make sure they're still "alive". Should take 4-8 weeks for these varieties to root.

Audrey said...

I am doing this tomorrow- can't wait to get them started.

Thank you.

Wanda said...

Hi Tom,
I am your newest follower and so glad I stumbled upon you blog. Is this process the same thing as growing them in a "hothouse"?

greggo said...

You must have raccoons, if you use that heavy of a strap.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Wanda, this process keeps the cutting humid and moist. I have to keep mine in the shade under the deck to keep them from burning. Little to no sun is best.