Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Long Spring.

We've had cool nights and warm days. Spring has survived. We've only had one day at 90 degrees so far. Today, it's 81. Thunderstorms are very likely this afternoon. I'll probably take a nap.

The city, probably due to financial restrictions, failed to chop back the streetside "weeds" as they have the past two years. Privet, honeysuckle, and mock orange fill the air with their fragrances.

Just past the hedge, the perennial bed comes into view. I love coming home.

There's a little something everywhere in this bed. I'm gonna be scattering seeds all summer and fall to fill in neglected parts of the yard.

Reseeding annuals fight for space among perennials and biennials. I noticed the brugmansias are already a foot tall in another area.

The arbor is showing off this year.

It can barely compete with the larkspur and shade plants that I put in last year.

In the backyard, two of the 5 Southern Magnolias are blooming. The scent is heavenly. I can't wait for gardenias.

I'm not working in the yard a whole lot these days. Between my hours at the store and personal commitments, I've been busy. Watching it do its own thing has a certain charm to it. I planted it to do just this when I started. I'll make changes as I feel the need. It's maturing slowly. Just wait til next year.

The realtor and I had a chat. The keybox will be removed this week, but we're gonna just let the contract run out in June. I've got nowhere to go, yet.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, I love your gardens this spring. You've done a great job and your love of gardening shows.


greggo said...

Its maturing pretty fast from what I could see. Don't know your going to move story but It sounds kind of sad. We were cool in Kansas until 2 days ago. 95 yesterday and 95 today with wind. Wheat harvest weather. I'm not complaining about the cool weather anymore.

Jean Campbell said...

It turned out beautiful. I can hardly wait for gardenias, too. It was 96 in town today but 93 out in the country. Summer is upon us. I still have seedlings and cuttings to put out. Water, water, water will be my duty from here on.

gld said...

Isn't it wonderful when things work like you planned in your garden.

I love the natural way it looks and the clematis on the arbor fits perfectly.

Cindy said...

It's gorgeous! You've accomplished so much in such a short time.

Good to hear home is a welcome place once again.

I've been cutting gardenia blossoms to float in bowls of water. A special treat that doesn't last long enough.