Sunday, January 30, 2011

I cleaned house and yard.

It was a fine day to work outside. What was forecast to be a 63 degree day has turned into 70 degree reality. Yeah. It's sweet. I took full advantage cleaning the house this morning while it was still cool out. There was a frost overnight. I found myself just sitting still a few too many times.

I cut everything back along the side of the house. Too early? I don't care. Today was the day to do it. I needed to evaluate my empty pockets and decide what to do about them.

The perennial bed got whacked on both coming and going.

I also raked the leaves to expose the clover that grows in the path.

I removed the trellis over the entry to the backyard. I don't know exactly what to do yet, but I have an idea. Copper's still expensive. I might end up doing it in pvc and paint it. Carla's suggestion. I also raked the backyard after cutting and hauling the tree out of the way. Some still remains. I'll get to it on Monday.

I cleared the swing of vines. Morning glory and moonvine seeds were scattered in place again.

I noticed the Mahonia.

And pansies.

And I tossed a lot of rocks into the gully. This one has a scratch from what I can assume is a lawnmower blade.

It was good getting my hands in dirt. I planted hyacinths and other spring blooming bulbs. They were already sprouting in the attic where they were being stored. It's cold up there and usually dark. I hope they all make it. Spring is on the way. Hurry.

It's 70 degrees. I got a sunburn.

5:43pm - I attacked the 58 pansy hanging baskets I got for cheap. The plan was to use this soil for my wintersowing. I'm going to round up all my seeds tonight and formulate a plan. It may be too late to sow some things without using the fridge. That's just not in my vocabulary. So I'll scatter them in the beds. They'll get more chill there than in the containers. Half the containers filled a 40 gallon can.


Patricia said...

Reading your post today reminded me of the sense of anticipation that comes with this time of year where you experience the seasons.

Jimmy said...

sounds like you're expecting company.(?) The beard makes me think of deer hunting.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I love this time of year Patricia. The warm sun, the cool shade, it's why I love working outside.

Yes Grouchy. I am expecting company. I'm entertaining the idea of a birthday party here in February. I'm a little nervous putting my three groups of friends in the same room. Girl, did you see that rebel flag tattoo? Maybe I'll wear my Bocephus t-shirt.

L. D. said...

I really like the pansies shot. You did get revived with that warm weather. It is nice to get that all done now as your climate really won't be so bad that anything exposed will survive.

Unknown said...

Sounds like an incredibly product day! Go for it...bring all the friends together....who knows? They might end up relating more than you can imagine!

Jimmy said...


Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

A beautiful day, a day to spring about in the garden.....

compost in my shoe said...

I got burned this weekend as well. And I loved every moment. What a wonderful gardening weekend!!!

scottweberpdx said...

Man, is there anything better than that first big day or two out in the garden, cleaning everything up...oh yeah!