Monday, December 20, 2010


Last year, I posted about the giant trees in the backyard. This winter, one of them will be keeping me warm. Here's what it used to look like. The tall, straight one came down this morning.

I've got enough wood to last through the end of January. If it's not as cold as it has been in December, it might last into February. And I should have a little more summer sunlight on the potager.

It's 41 degrees. We were supposed to hit the upper 40s today. It's windy too. I think I'll save the rest of the wood splitting til tomorrow. I need a nap if I'm to stay up and watch the eclipse tonight. We're almost at the turning point. Just a few more hours.


Jimmy said...

did you do this alone? Sounds dangerous.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

No. My dad watched. My mom sat in the van. My nephew kept being drawn to the wrong side of the tree.

Randy Emmitt said...


This tree was alive, not a dead tree right? Well you should season the wood for several months. The reasons for seasoning in two fold. First it won't burn well and second you'll create creosote deposits in your chimney from burning green wood. In other words you could burn the house down from the creosote catching fire in the chimney.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I know Randy. I'm inspecting it weekly from the roof and cleaning it as needed. It's a royal pain, but I have to use the wood I have. I can't afford to buy it and I can't afford the electricity it costs otherwise.

Kris said...

You burn green wood? I thought that wouldn't do a chimney good. I've been told that you should cut the wood one year and burn it the next.... When I buy wood I make sure it's well seasoned.