Friday, December 10, 2010

The day off.

I'm about to head south to the little town I grew up in. My dad knows of some trees we can cut up that have been pushed over by pine loggers. They're oaks and maples, mostly. Hopefully, I'll come home this evening with enough wood to last the rest of the winter. And if not, I've got two trees in the backyard in my sights.

It's 21 degrees. 100 days til spring. Or so.

4:23pm - I didn't get as much wood as I had hoped. Someone else has already been picking through the piles. We got there too late. But the drive was nice.

Just an hour and 15 minutes south of me, the landscape is flat and covered with pine trees. The Sandhills of South Carolina.

The dirt road I grew up on.

I got about 2 weeks worth of wood. I guess I'll be taking out a couple elms in the back. No one cares about them. And they should burn okay. Wish I had a red oak back there like last year. It's 48 degrees. Balmy.


Darla said...

Doesn't sound much like a day off to careful! With the way fall is ending you are going to need a lot of firewood.

Anonymous said...

Do you totally heat your house with your wood stove? That is the best heat in the world but a lot of work!
My Dad's wood stove is in his basement with open vents in the ceiling for the rising heat to enter the upper floor. Wow, is it ever comfortable in that house.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I use a little electric heat to get the house warm. Then the wood heat kicks in and keeps it there as long as I can tend the fire. It goes out when I go to work.