Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Almost freezing.

It's 30 degrees. Last night it got down in the mid teens. We were aiming for 14. I don't think it went that low. Thursday, slushy rain with ice and snow likely. Glad I'm off with no plans to go anywhere.

Euphorbia "Blackbird" stands proud. The yellow striped Yucca seems to be taking it in stride too.

The cabbage are laid out flat. They might not recover. The broccoli looks like toast.

Aucuba cuttings rooted last fall have me worried.

Autumn Fire Sedum will look nice with some snow on the dried flowers.

Miscanthus Cosmopolitan.

Tonight, 12 degrees. I get off work at 11pm.


compost in my shoe said...

Almost, huh, it was 22 degrees and Charleston is fried!!

Ebook Shelves said...

Great Pics ! Thanks for sharing.