Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.

The last four days have pretty much stripped all but the oak trees. Even the Muskogee only has a few hanging on. It was like that all the way to my parents' house. We did our normal Thanksgiving thing. We went out for buffet. We'll cook at Christmas.

The seasons are changing again. We're falling into winter. Nights are cold, hovering just above freezing. People are shopping. Tomorrow is Black Friday. This weekend will be our busiest time yet under my watch in the garden center. I'm anxious about it.

I've been through this before as a Specialist. Now, I have to carry us through as both the Specialist and the Department Manager. They still haven't hired my replacement. So I've done it already. I know what comes next. Just like in the garden, the mums arrive in early September if we're lucky. In late August, they just fry on the tables in the heat. You can't water them enough.

Pansies start to trickle in the first week of October. After that, it's a full on assault by growers. Just as it's starting to slow down, the Christmas trees arrive. Yes, we move all those concrete blocks by hand, most of them twice. You have to put it down so you can pick up another one. And that's where we are today.

The trees are here. We've had ours since Saturday. The poinsettias are hopefully still as beautiful down the two main aisles as they were when we left Wednesday night after midnight. I'll find out at 6am.

In all that, there are cycles. Each season leads to another. Christmas was on the shelf in October. We'll do another reset just as Christmas is passing on the calendar. Spring will arrive in January. New mowers will be there in February. Dianthus. YES!

So there's a countdown I'm doing. I just want Christmas over. It's not because of family or work. It just means that spring will be coming soon. January is New Years and a week or two of really cold weather. February is planting time for spinach and snow peas. Dusty Miller is available from the nurseries. Pallets stacked three high line the outside of the garden center. There's stone, mulch, soil, whatever we need. Petunias? YES!!!!

Then it hits. The 100 days of Hell. I'm looking forward to it.

So I'm not really celebrating Christmas with a lot of ornamentation at the house this year. I'm just not in the mood. I've been surrounded by it daily for weeks already. But in the spirit of things, I'll show the past two years' trees.



I might do the windowboxes again this year. I just need to collect some free trimmings from the store.

Laura reminded me that it was Chocolate Covered Cherry Season. My mom sent me home with nine boxes. She says I'm too skinny.

I don't think so.

Yeah. I had to do some shopping last week. I hate shopping. I hate trying on clothes. But as the seasons change, last year's wardrobe doesn't fit. I bought a lot of flannel. It's going to be a cold winter, I think. I'm so ready for spring. 114 days.


Jimmy said...

I love the color of your living room walls. I remember it was a custom mix you did, but if you have any left over...I sure would like a swatch or a swipe on a note card. look fine. My mother does the same thing.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your job sounds hectic that's for sure. I'd go nuts seeing all the plants though wishing I could have some of each.

There's no way I'm wishing for summer, this is our best time of year, and summer will get here too soon as it is.

I'm debating as to whether or not to decorate this year myself. Time will tell.

Oh those cherries look delicious, but I don't think you need to fatten up. You've done a great job losing the extra weight you had and look good. It's kind of funny that your mom sent you home with 9 boxes of these.

I also 'hate' to shop for clothes.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Darla said...

You are too funny and you should eat a box or two of the cherries!

Kris said...

Your mom is a hoot. All that candy. LOL

Hey - next time you take a pic - say CHEESE. I miss the smiling Tom. :-D

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Jim, I think I still have some left. I'll see if I can get a card made for you this week if I do.

FlowerLady, I'd spend my whole paycheck on plants if I could. Of course, selling the house makes it easier to walk away. Still would be nice to have all those plants I put on clearance this morning. Beautiful mums.

Darla, one box waged a brave battle last night and lost. 10 down, 70 more to go. Carla took one box with her.

Kris, I'll try to smile next time. ;)

Unknown said...

The exhaustion from the holiday season is why I got out of the catering world a few years's hard to get into the spirit while running 50 miles an hour!

Try to remember that as "the Christmas tree guy," you hold the same position as a superhero or Santa Claus in the minds of little children! Maybe you should start giving away the cherries as holiday gifts, so you can keep the hunky look in flannel!

Manda said...

Man, you make me miss working at my old nursery. I was the poinsettia wrapper/waterer/organizer in December.

L. D. said...

Hey I would love not to have the belly that I have and in which you do not have. I bet your energy level as a worker will make light work of all that candy. Me I would gain weight on them. I liked your past tree.