Sunday, November 28, 2010

Two Days Off.

I had planned to sleep in this morning. Really. I did. But at 7:15, after laying in bed awake for more than half an hour, I got up. The third cup of coffee is about to be started. The second cup was cooled quickly on a stroll through the yard. The neighbors probably "wonder bout that boy."

Right outside the basement door, the pineapple sage continues on. I guess the concrete is warm enough to protect from even a hard freeze.

There is ice on the birdbath.

The brugs are done. If I were planning to take any more cuttings, I would do it today before the sun really hits them. But I don't need any more. I have enough for a couple of containers in the spring. Just in case I need to take them with me.

The cannas are done too. I may dig a couple of these to pot with the brugs. Maybe a chunk of grass too. I should probably start looking for huge containers.

My agave survived the summer and put out a new "leaf". I should probably google the proper term. I'm hoping the rocks protect it this winter. It's marginally hardy here. However, the parent plant survived last winter and three weeks of below freezing temperatures. I should be okay.

Confederate Rose did manage to bloom.

Okra just doesn't know when to quit.

The hosta are gone.

This summer, I tucked three rooted gardenias along the property wall in the front yard. They're doing well. I hope they don't suffer any burn this year. I'd like to see some flowers soon.

It's 39 degrees. I'm gonna need a ladder for today's activities. More on that later.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I just wrote out a comment and closed it before posting it. Sheesh!

I love the color of your brugs and hope your cuttings root for you so that you can take them with you.

Your confederate rose blooms are pretty too.

Your gardenias look great. I can hardly wait for mine to bloom too. :-)

Enjoy your two days off.


Jimmy said...

I hope you have a date tonight.

ps. wear the flannel.