Friday, November 12, 2010

To Do List.

You will be graded.

If I am successful tomorrow:
I will mow the grass
gather and spread a truck load of manure
plant 30 perennials and a Black Mission fig
split about a cord of wood.

I'd rather be at work.

Oh, and I have to do laundry too. Yay!

8:35am, Friday -

Yeah, I've taken some pictures. I'm drinking coffee. It's 34 degrees.

Can't get enough Pineapple Salvia.

From the other side.

The knockouts are still blooming here and there.

I hope that thing eats aphids.

Thundercloud plum. The Eastern redbud is behind.

Agastache Coronado. I don't think it's really this pink. It does have more of a golden color in reality. I've got to plant these today.

Maybe another cup of coffee.

9:29am -

The coffee had to wait.

I was inspired by burgundy. (aubergine, actually, but let's just call it burgundy.)

Black & Blue keeps on going.

Now, coffee, then mowing.

11:27am -

I'm just now having my third cup of coffee. I got sidetracked. The yard is mowed.

I cleaned the driveway too.

I refilled the birdbath after a good scrubbing.

I potted the lone swiss chard from an entire pack of seeds into a pot with some violas. Of course it matches the door. What else would you expect?

Now I'm having a seat and drinking my coffee. Thanks Carla. For all the things you do.

I spent a few minutes watering after I mowed. I have a pretty good idea of what the yard will look like next year. I think. I'm still planning to wintersow about 50 containers. I have some seeds I collected and some from others. I'll wintersow my tomatoes. I've got some seeds from the clearance rack for Beefsteaks. I'm going to give growing one variety a shot.

Until then, I have frozen tomatoes. It's 57 degrees.


Darla said...

You better get busy..

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

That is quite a list. Hope you are able to accomplish most if not all of it. I make lists sometimes, and am lucky if one item gets crossed off, some times more get done. I try not to stress over the undones.

Have a nice day.


Randy Emmitt said...


Piece of cake, you could do all that in your sleep! Saw some beautiful brugs blooming yesterday in Carrboro, got photos too!

Phillip Oliver said...

I love the pineapple sage. It is one of my favorite plants. Love the smell of it!

compost in my shoe said...

Does not look like you need coffee.
Finish your list?

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Heh. No. I didn't get the compost spread. But that can be saved for another day. I have two more days off this week. Rain Monday/Tuesday.

Betty819 said...

Tom, the more I see that pineapple sage, the more I like it. It really is a beautiful plant. Love that black and blue salvia too. Did you grow them from seeds or buy as a starter plant? I don't recall seeing them here but maybe it was because HD didn't have them..need to probably go to a "real" plant nursery.