Monday, November 29, 2010

My new toy.

Yes. I broke down. At 5:35am on Friday morning, I was standing in line at the store to pay for my $29 vacuum cleaner.

Did I need a new ShopVac? No. But I couldn't resist. I had taken to borrowing Carla's. I justified the purchase by thinking of all the cat hair I'd be removing rather than scattering from corner to corner. I wouldn't have to move the big fern and found table base in the dining room to clean behind it.

And around all those table and chair legs. You know how long it takes to get the table re-centered under the light?

The tropicals that were in the dining room had to be moved. They needed more light. So I hauled them to the office. I don't want to move that container again until spring.

Even the "free" black rack from the store has a bit of Christmas cheer. I couldn't resist a Norfolk Pine. I've always wanted one. The rack actually cost $1. We have to pay for anything we take, and that's the least amount they will take. It would have been recycled with the pallets if I had let it go. I saved it.

It's the little things, like a clean house, that make days off worth it. Obsessive? Not at all. It's more therapy. I've moved on from gardening until spring. I can't think of anything I want or need to move. No, really.

It's 45 degrees outside. Something went wrong with the lights around the roof last night. I've got to get back up there and figure out what's the matter. Or I might just leave the switch off and deal with it later in the week when it's warmer. I need to bring wood into the basement too. Rain expected the next two days.

Maybe a nap first.


Jimmy said...

I think "Therapy" is the key word in this

It was 28f at 8:30 last night and 22f this morning. Its like living in a meat locker.

Wilton Manors in three weeks to thaw.

Phillip Oliver said...

Sounds like a great deal. I love the colors in your house.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love the colors of your walls and your hardwood floors. That was a deal on that black rack. It looks very nice the way you have it set up. We bought a little 3' high Norfolk pine for a Christmas tree one year, now the thing is about 30' high. :-)

You really have a lovely home Tom, it seems like it would be hard to leave it, especially after all the work you put into it.

Enjoy and keep warm.


Unknown said...

Men and their toys...something like me and the chipper/shredder, or Phillip with the new leaf blower. Enjoy it!

L. D. said...

The shop vac has so much more power than a regular vacuum. I abuse mine a lot cleaning bird cages and then have to give it a complete cleaning. I run a long hose to it in another room so the birds don't get frighten while I clean out the debris.

compost in my shoe said...

No more leaf litter being caught on your socks or hidden from reach in corners of the house. These tools make life manageable! Congrats on the new purchase!!

Darla said...

What a great deal! I love your container plantings. We are waiting on more rain today, had a little yesterday...