Tuesday, October 19, 2010




It's 73 degrees. A high today of 83 will usher in a cold front that might bring showers Wednesday afternoon. The rest of the week will be cooler. Wood will be split very soon.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

The ooohhhh flowers made me sigh with delight. I already love your purple flowers, but those pink ones are just wonderful.

I mowed this morning, after doing some rearranging in our little screened porch off the kitchen. DH did some digging and root pulling out to enlarge a cement patio.

Our weather is nice too, so it feels great to get out and do things. No cold weather expected this far south. :-(

I'm looking forward to fixing dinner tonight, Tilapia fillets with kiwi ginger sauce.

I don't envy you having to clean up those dang acorns. Hope you are able to split some wood, which will be a nicer job if it's cool.


Kris said...

Holy freaking cow! Lookit all the acorns! Believe it or not I used to work at a place with lots of acorns. In fall I took home bags & bags of them, then used them for squirrel food all winter. LOL Kept them out of the birdfeeder. ;-D

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I hate mum season at the store. That means pansies come next and they've already arrived too. But I do like the ones I kept. I pulled one out today in favor of a hibiscus someone gave me. It was a burnt orange color that really didn't wow me.

I expect very fat squirrels this winter.

Ruth said...

Great photos. Good emotions, too! :)

gld said...

Tom, that pale pink mum is a luscious color. Would you believe, I found a mum blooming this year exactly like your dark pink daisy-type mum...have no idea where it came from. I didn't plant it!
I am happy it found its way into my garden though.

Beautiful weather here too. We even got a couple of nice showers.

Betty819 said...

Oh ww! Look at that beautiful mum! Those sure are the largest acorns I've ever seen. I only have three bronze mums, left over from last year or year before. Maybe I should go down to HD and see if they have some the color of yours, or a purple. I'm a pink and purple gal!
Home Depot is only 1 mile from where we live, Lowe's is 10-12 miles away. That Lowe's never takes care of their plants well enough to suit me.
Only think I've ever bought at that Lowe's location are margigolds.