Friday, October 1, 2010

October Already.

Seems like it was just the first day of September. November can't come soon enough. I've got tentative plans for a short vacation to Charleston. We'll figure out the details in the coming weeks. This weekend, I'm heading back to Asheville for a rendezvous with Tom and Laura. It should be a great relaxing time.

Yesterday, I took advantage of the cooler weather and damp soil to move and transplant a few things. The butterfly bushes don't look too happy, but I know they'll be fine. In the perennial bed, I pulled a large stand of self sown Salvia subrotunda. The hummers have left it in favor of the pineapple sage and Black & Blue salvia. I moved some rudbeckia, some echinacea, a few rooted sedums, and random other items. The red spider lily is a volunteer.

Because I don't think a garden can have too many Rudbeckia triloba, I moved a few from the self sown clumps closer to the corner.

I have a few left to distribute around the yard.

Speaking of Pineapple sage, more blooms arrive each day. The hummers will swarm these in the early evening while the sun still falls on them. With cooler temperatures, the sightings will be fewer over the next weeks.

The fig tree in the backyard is still producing. The rain really helped. I hope to get enough to make a dish this fall. I got the recipe from Jason.

It's 72 degrees and lovely. The humidity is in the 50% range.

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Darla said...

The weather has been delightful here too. Any bites on your house yet?