Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'll take People, Places, and Things.

People are a lot like plants. We give them the right environment, some support, and still they refuse to bloom. Maybe it doesn't like where it's planted.

Some sit there for years, never showing their true intentions until the conditions were just right. I waited for this?

Others have it in their nature to show off. Buncha nuts.

Some have feminine qualities.

Others are most definitely male.

Some like to come right down to the wire to show what they're made of.

If only we could clone people the way we can plants. I'd love to have two of me. A dozen would be best.

When we neglect things because there's too few hours in the day, they perish. It didn't need much. Just a little water every now and then. You moved them too soon.

All we want is a chance.

We can be so alike.

Yet so different.

It's not always about size. It's about potential.

You look better when you're standing next to someone that compliments you.

We scatter little bits of ourselves wherever we go.

Not everyone wants to be an outdoorsy type.

It's all about perspective.

I've just come off a 9-day work week. I have two days off. Splitting firewood has been on the agenda all week. I've not done a thing today.

It's 77 degrees. The windows are open. Decaf coffee ain't half bad.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Tom ~ That was a great post.

No wonder you did nothing today, after working 9 days straight.

Have a nice day off tomorrow and maybe you'll get some wood split too.


Jimmy said...

I'm planted in the wrong place!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks FL.

Jim. Me too. I'm just not sure where to put me yet. I want grasses mixed with palms. I want coneflowers and gardenias. I'd love to have a blue spruce in my next garden. So many choices.

Laura said...

i've not read all of your blog posts, but this is my favorite of all the ones i have read :D

i'm still debating the pros/cons of having a dozen tom clones. on the one hand yea, but on the other...phrr...imagine 12 joshuas

mmmmm coffee. great idea!

Audrey said...

This is a really nice, thought provoking post.
I don't transplant well and this knowledge was a hard lesson learned.
Still hoping I have a few blooms left in me though. It is all about perspective.