Monday, October 25, 2010

I am having an affair with a Mercedes Benz.

There. My secret's out. ~ Ouiser Boudreaux

It's fall. And we're smack dab in the middle of it. Work has been more challenging the past week or two. There's a lot more physical labor without the young part timers around. Without Carla, I'm doing the job of both of us. I've worn holes in the bottom of all my shoes. I might have to buy some new boots before Christmas. I'm tired. But it feels good.

The yard is still surprising me. The reds of summer have been joined by the yellows of autumn.

Pineapple sage.

Try not to stare.

Daylight fades quickly. The colors are starting to arrive. I love this time of the year. Everybody needs some rest. It was a brutal summer.

In the shade everywhere, there's slight chill in the air.

It's 64 degrees after midnight. There are thunderstorms in the forecast for the afternoon. It'll be a good day to work some clearance items under the canopy.

I'll have a Department walk coming up soon with the store manager. I'm eager to talk to him one on one. He was a zone 1 manager at one time. I'd like to hear what he has to say. That'll be my next promotion in about a year or more. Lots of little tasks that need to be done alongside the normal pile of work. It's going to be a long week.


Betty819 said...

Tom, those light pink mums are beauties..Is that red one Yvonne's salvia? Mine only got about 2 ft. tall. Yesterday was an absolute beautiful day here. A church friend called Saturday and asked if I could use some more Garden Phlox as she needed to thin hers out. It didn't take me but a minute second to say YES, I've love to have more! The one she gave me last year did so well this year. She dug them on Saturday, had them in 2 plastic bags and I was able to get 7 mature plants; could have made 8 of them but was getting tired. I transplanted several other things too yesterday. Gosh, it felt good to get back working in the flowerbeds. Leaving on vacation on Wednesday so I had to plant those phlox yesterday. I watered them before I planted them, but will water all the flowerbeds today.

Kris said...

Hi Tom. My pineapple sage has finally started blooming! Yay. I've had 2 freezes but nothing - not even the impatiens near the house - has suffered so far. It's hard to cut back the beds so I can winter mulch when everything is still blooming away. I know everyone watches Yvonne's for height, but my subrotunda has reached 7' tall! What a surprise.

I see you've already got your eye on your next promotion. I see your game, today - the store, tomorrow - world domination? Wooohahaha ;-D

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Hi Tom ~ I love those pink mums and your pineapple sage. I loved how the pineapple sage, really smells like pineapple.

I also love that third picture where you told us not to stare. How can we not? :-)

Have a great day and enjoy your beautiful, cool weather.


Betty819 said...

So that's pineapple sage that looks like Salvia! If you have any of those seeds to share..would love to have some. Beautiful! Have you ever had dried hydrangea blooms turn rose colored, after they have finished blooming? I should take a picture of all of mine today. The couple that do all our prunning and mulching came today..3 weeks later than he was expected. Lots of Rain in Sept and Oct really got them behind. He didn't prune the hydrangea because they were so beautiful but he did tie them up to keep them off the ground as they are that heavy with dried blooms. He thinks the prunning and feeding them last Spring revived them.