Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter Sowing With a Bandsaw

In the comments section to my Christmas Eve post, Medo asked how I made my containers for wintersowing. Here's a 36 second clip of how I do it. Be sure to turn your volume down. It's not a quiet activity.

If you have access to a bandsaw or a friend with a woodworking shop, you can make almost 200 containers from 2-liter bottles in just a couple of hours. Be sure to rinse the bottles out first or else you'll find that sawdust and dried cola don't mix well.

Ready to be filled:


Done and waiting:



medo said...

ok, now that IS the total BOMB!! WOO HOO!!! i soo need one of those!! that is much faster!! **big smile** i thought mine was fast Hee Hee now hubs is really gona think i'm nuts! as i LOVE wood working and them power tools anyhow!! **big grinn** ~Medo

Mary said...

I saw your post on garden web--wintersowing. I LOVE this! Its sooooo much better than my old method using a box cutter. THANK YOU! Also maybe it will get Hubby interested since it involves a power tool. ;)