Monday, December 29, 2008

What is that bright yellow orb in the sky?


It burns. 54 degrees at 10:40am. The clouds are gone and the sun is out. I applied for 3 jobs this morning with the Employment Security Commission. With the economy being so poor, I've got to find some work doing something. I guess there's always Lowe's in the spring. I'm not sure I want to get back into that. I'd rather have a career than a job.

Today's to-do list:
post office
pallet break down*

*On Saturday, I went with a friend to a motorcycle dealership. In the back of the building, they had a bunch of wooden crates used to ship new motorcycles. Yes, I got many. They are made from #2 yellow pine and oak. Score: me = 1, landfill = 0. Not sure what I really plan to do with the wood just yet, but there's lots of it.

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