Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter is officially here

Yesterday was the first day of winter. It's COLD. When I went to bed, it was 32 outside. This morning it's 21 and not looking like the thermometer is going to move much today. Highs in the 40s. Brrrrr.

I'm Christmas shopping for my nephew today. Planning to take some time to turn some recycled hardwood flooring into picture frames for Christmas gifts. Going to check on my babies out in the yard. I bet those seeds are wondering why I tossed them out of their warm envelopes into the cold wet dirt. Come spring, they'll understand.

On a domestic note, I broke my last coffee mug yesterday. I was washing dishes, like you do, when the handle just popped off in my hand. I had bought 4 of these mugs back in 2003. Over the years, each one succumbed to some sort of breakage. One got crushed in storage during a move. Another got knocked off my desk while I was working on some project. One died a lonely death in the dishwasher. And finally this one.

So last night, I took a ride over to Big Lots. While it's not as big as my last mug, it'll do. Isn't it tacky?


Fun House said...

Actually that new coffee mug is very appropriate for you! It has an “architectural” feel with the stacked blocks and stylized letters. Interesting color palette as well! I think you should take the design from your new mug and paint a mural on your kitchen wall to match!

medo said...

i like the ones at dollar general, they are soup bowls actually, LOL but they're HUGE!!! LOL ~Medo