Monday, October 10, 2011


It's something I struggle with everyday.  Gardening teaches patience. Life rewards those who wait. Sometimes.

Seed grown lantana only took the whole season to finally bloom. I hope it returns next year.


Unknown said...

The balance of patience vs knowing when to give up is a battle I struggle with every day. Awesome to see your patience pay off!

L. D. said...

I feel that way with iris rhizomes as I know that it will probably take two years to see the results. This flower you posted is a beauty.

Ginny said...

Almost every perennial plant that I've started from seed was puny and did not bloom the first year. I haven't tried lantana but I'll bet yours blooms like crazy next year.

greggo said...

I remeber planting some evening primrose seed. Woah! They took over the garden like bindweed. Wont't make that mistake again. Your lantana in partial shade?

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Time = patience and patience takes time.

How neat that you have this lantana grown from seed and giving you a bloom.

Have a great week Tom.


Anonymous said...

Here in our neighborhood in Phoenix, almost every yard has at least one variety of lantana. I have only bought "Dallas red," which is spectacular in its second year. The birds are probably responsible for the volunteers I have - the golden yellow is hardy and blooms easily. I have a couple that look like yours and a huge purple one. All grow in full sun. I cut mine back almost to the ground in early spring (frost damage) and they grow back each year, better than ever. Good luck with yours!
- Daisy in AZ