Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A good day.

I had plans to hit the lake today, but with the temperatures being so nice Carla and I decided to spend the day working in our yards. I piddled mostly. I planted out all the things that had been accumulating over the past weeks. For instance, this Jane Magnolia. Some call it a tulip tree. It's the 12' variety.


Since I had to move a variegated holly like Osmanthus, I planted and moved a few other things as well. The ground is still moist from all the rain we've had. The cooler temperatures will help. I planted the rescued Texas Everbearing Fig. It was just a stick with a tiny leaf when I got it.


I installed lighting taken from the front of the house along the back side. I walk Koda out here and night.


It's nice to see he thinks he's helping by digging too.


He hauls sticks out of the wild.


Pays no attention at all to the fragrance of the hostas.


Won't let you take a picture of him for nothing.


And can be so freaking adorable at the same time.


Before heading in for the day, I took some cuttings of things that have a good chance of rooting in water. A friend has a birthday coming up and I think he would get a kick out of it.


It's only 84 degrees. Back down into the 60s tonight. The tomatoes are blooming again.


Stephanie Cavanaugh said...

What is that white hosta!? I noticed one in a neighbor's garden last week and it has a lovely scent...

Cally said...

Lovely white blooms on those hosta's, and fragrance too, mine barely smell at all. Most jealous. Your pup looks so sweet and so soft, jeallous of that too. ANd you have 1/2 an acre, oh, I'll have to depart your blog and get back to my dogless little plot and console myself with strawberries!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

The hostas were dug from a friends bed several years ago. I don't know the variety. I'm spreading them around the yard wherever there is enough shade.

scottweberpdx said...

That puppy is so ridiculously cute.

Daricia said...

i agree with scott. i've been showing all the puppy pictures to my daughter so she can "awwww" about them. my husband might win the "let's get another dog" argument if you keep up with those.

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