Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another change in plans

This time, it wasn't my fault. The sign on the window of the scale building at the landfill said "No more leaf/wood mulch effective May 11, 2009." The lady stuck her head out the window to let me know that they had it. They just couldn't give it away until the state regulators give them the okay. She knows me from all my previous trips. She usually just waves me on through.

*sigh* So, plan B. Across the street, I asked Jean if I could have some of the leaves piled up in the back corner of the lot. She told me to take all I wanted. Had I known about the leaf mulch being unavailable, I wouldn't have sprayed the grass yesterday. I would have waited til fall. But I went on with what I had on hand.

Went to the store and got lots of boxes, some big, some small. I laid them out over the area I had sprayed for the shrub border.

I collected leaves in a tarp and threw them on the back of the truck. Four tarps made a load. Four loads was all I needed, for now. I spread the leaves over the cardboard to a depth of over 12" tapering them down around the tiny plants I set out yesterday.

When I was finished, I spread 34-0-0 fertilizer over the whole area. The nitrogen should help break the leaves down quicker. I should have chopped them with the lawnmower, but it's hot out there. 89 degrees and sunny. When I finished, I went to have lunch with Larry and let the sprinkler do my watering.

When I set the posts for the arbor, I wanted the opening wide enough to back the truck through. Not sure why that mattered since I've just built a bed right in the middle of the path. It's a tight fit.

No more planting in this bed until fall. I'll feed and water the transplants all summer. Another Loropetalum will be moved this winter. The color almost matches the shutters and doors.

7:51pm - 82 degrees and still clear. More daturas will bloom this evening. It's no longer a rare occurrence and I've lost the ability to be excited. Quick, huh? And that last sentence from earlier about no more planting? Yeah. Right.

I moved the Colorado Blue Spruce I bought a while ago into this bed.

I also moved the Miscanthus Cosmopolitan.

I planted three buddleia seedlings, each about 6" strong.

The rooted fig also got set out.

And I moved a rose that I rooted from cuttings last year. It's tiny, but it's ugly too. It needs some attention is all. No picture because it's camera shy. I fertilized with 6-6-18 for strong root growth into the rocky soil.

Don't you just love Echinacea?

And Leucanthemum?


Dirt Princess said...

That is THE BEST way to do it! The heck with digging up grass! I can't wait to see it in the fall!

Jimmy said...

I'm exhausted just from reading your post. In the heat and humidity no less!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You are like that rabbit that just doesn't quit, you keep on and keep on going.

I've been taking a break from outdoor projects but hope to get out tomorrow morning to mow before it gets too miserable out.

Your oasis is coming along. Sure enjoy seeing the steps as you create.


Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

DP, I hope this works. I normally use more decomposed material than these leaves, so I'm nervous. For now, I'm planting in native soil and using this as a mulch. The worms should start eating the cardboard soon.

Jim, I got all this done by noon. Then I waited until 6pm to do the planting. During the heat of the day, I was eating Chinese food and sipping iced tea.

FlowerLady, thanks for the compliment. :) I only have a couple days off each week and I like to make the most of them. I've got the weekend off, but I'll be heading to VA then. Wanted to get it done and over so it won't be in my mind.

L. D. said...

This blogging business really pays off. Seeing you and others using this cardboard and mulch idea is like a giant light bulb turning on in my mind. I need to mulch anyway, why not add the newspaper or cardboard and make it worth my time. Later when it really heats up around here, that mulch will be my best friend. I have not need to start a new bed but that will work great. Stay in the cool for awhile, you deserve a rest.