Thursday, March 17, 2011

A long week.

It's been a very long week. I'm exhausted. I still managed to find the energy to carry myself across the street to take pictures of the camelias I intend to air layer this spring. I plan to use them along the hill of the front yard. I'd like to create a hedge.

It's what the neighbor I plan to ask about taking cuttings has done. Or someone did many many years ago. These camellias are easily 15' tall.

There's every color from white to red.

I love this pink one.

And this striped one. This is what I thought I was buying. Like the first Golden Shower rose, mine is red. It seems to be a theme.

I took pictures to make notes about which plants I want to take cuttings from.

I'll mix camellias and gardenias (that I need to root this year too) along this hill. I've already got bulbs, and tomorrow there will be more hosta moved.

The wild violets are welcome here. I'm encouraging them to climb into the yard.

It's 63 degrees. High in the 80s tomorrow. I'm off for three whole days.


Bonnie said...

Oh my, I wish I could embrace the wild violets. I try, I really do. They really do drive me insane.

I do like your idea of of the hedge of Camilla and Gardenia. Beautiful and fragrant.

Alison said...

Oh, my! That striped Camellia. Yum!

gld said...

I have had to embrace the violets since they are rampant here. I actually think they are beautiful!
I have white and purple and a pot of red ones from my sis waiting to be planted.

I do envy you the camellias. I think their bloom is perfect. I love that striped one too. Good luck with the hedge idea.

I need something similar now that we have had two trees removed out front right at the street.

FlowerLady said...

Oh my, I can just picture that camelia hedge. I love that striped one, but I think all of them are beautiful.

I love your front garden with daffs and wild violets. I enjoy the wild oxalis that we have that grows here.

My gardenias are getting bigger and I do hope to have a bloom or two this year to enjoy. Thank you again.

Enjoy your three days off, and happy gardening and happy spring.


Betty819 said...

Tom, if you make a hedge of camelias, wouldn't there be difficulty prunning them? Those camelias are beautiful, by the way. Never seen a striped one before. What are other possibilities that you would consider for that area to accomplish the look you're looking for?