Saturday, July 31, 2010


One plug of ornamental grass was moved to the rose garden, where it lived until this spring when I moved it to the meadow. The rest was mowed under. One fig cutting has survived in the ground here. They were sticks pushed into the soil in January. They've leafed out and have reached a height of about 12". I'll let them stay there. Grass seed will be sown this fall. The birds had a great time after it was done. The meadow is history.

Plans this morning include pulling more cosmos and cutting back some overzealous shrubs. I've already cleaned the basement where Laura and I spent some time making little gifts for people last week.

Propagation will begin again as soon as we've received some significant rainfall. Black & Blue salvia, a few roses, and more Joe Pye Weed are on the list for the perennial bed and elsewhere.

It's 73 degrees and cloudy. Rain in the forecast this evening and tomorrow morning.

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