Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It ain't easy being green.

Especially when there's no rain and the temperature is in the mid 90s. This morning, we received a break from the dominant weather patterns. It was raining, complete with thunder and lightning, when I woke up this morning. A nice steady rain fell for at least an hour after I sat down with my first cup of coffee. If the forecast holds true, there will be more this afternoon.

I wondered about the yard. I'm amazed by the plants that have survived the summer so far. Some are past their bloom time, but their foliage is lush and green. Others are just getting started. The hostas on the North side of the house are about to pop. White and purple blooms will close out July as August settles in.

The rain will help, no doubt.

The banana tree I rescued from the neighbor's leaf pile is doing well.

More blackberry lilies have appeared. I'm thinking I need a semi-tropical garden space in the yard.

It's 77 degrees and cloudy. The high today should reach the mid 80s. It's muggy and humid.


Darla said...

Love the look of your blog. Your photos are so nice. My hostas are just about petered out!

Cameron said...

Great banana tree rescue!

We got 3-4 " of rain today! I did a bit of gardening this morning for a few hours and it was muggy. But, the rain brought temps in the 60s and oh, what relief! Thank you for that rain dance (I know it was you because I asked yesterday and it always works). :-)

L. D. Burgus said...

The banana plant rescue looks very successful. It is great foliage. Will it survive winter or are you going to have to bring that inside? Hostas are great if they get the right weather. I have one being eaten causing little pin holes all over the leaves.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks Darla.

Yes, Cameron. We all got rain today, I think. We got over an inch this morning. We're under a warning right now.

LD, I don't know if this one is cold hardy, but it did have red clay soil around the roots when I lifted it. I would assume it spent the winter in that leaf pile. So maybe with a good deal of mulch?