Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dismantling a cottage garden

First, I'm going to take inventory of the plants. I want to know exactly what I have and where it is. If I don't plan to keep it, it comes out now. Like a band-aid, do it quick. Be ruthless. Ignore the blooms. Remember the bulbs. Don't chop down the stargazers. You like those. Don't move anything yet. It's still too hot. Edit. Delete. Simplify. Be brave....

What I have learned will last me a lifetime.


Jim said...

As I mentioned (moaned) that I am taking out my front garden due to deer, I had a painting done of the house with the garden as it was. Something to remember.

FlowerLady said...

Dismantling your cottage garden sounds depressing, but you know what works and what doesn't. Next years garden will be better.

It is too dang hot to do much work outside.

Great tune by Santana. Love his guitar, he's one of our all time favorites.

Take it easy in the heat.


gld said...

Tom, I am not dismantling. I am beginning to eliminate! streamline!, simplify! whatever you want to call it. I have decided to take my life back.

The riding mower set on high, the tractor and brush hog will be involved.............

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Jim, I've got lots of pictures. The most important ones have been saved already. I'll take a few during this process too.

FlowerLady, it's in no way depressing. I learned a lot building this incomplete garden. No garden is really ever done. What I'm doing is going to allow me to do just what Glenda said, take my life back. out for flying stones. I'll start with the weed whacker and go from there.

FlowerLady said...

I think I'm starting to feel like you and Glenda. We have to know what works, and works best, and get rid of the rest.

Old Garden roses work well for me, they are more hardy and have wonderful blooms and scents.

Gardening really can take over too much of our lives, if we let it.

Enjoy thinking about and planning your gardens for next year. You are so right about gardens being a never ending project.


Betty819 said...

Tom, your neighbors will think you've gone stark-raving mad! Why not wait till Labor Day, it's only a month away. Did you plant all those beautiful flowers just for yourself? I think not; You have beautified your neighborhood with all those beautiful flowers. Wait until Sept. and it'll be cooler. No need for you to have a heat stroke!