Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On the first day of summer.

Summer rolled through here yesterday just after 1pm. It was hot. The humidity was terrible. Heat index in the low 100's. In the sun, the thermometers were topping out at 120. The air temperature was in the mid 90s. I went to the lake after work with a few of the girls. Bedtime came early, but I heard the thunder and saw the lightning as I fell asleep. It rained so hard last night, the gutters became self-cleaning. I slept through it all.

As is typical after hot, dry periods with no rain, the storm flattened the usual candidates. The R. hirta might stand up again if it can dry out this afternoon. Maybe if it were planted thicker, it would support itself.

Even Lord Baltimore has a bit of swagger this morning.

But the stargazers have popped. The first ones opened last night. These are by far my favorite flower in the garden. It's not just the color, but the fragrance.

The thyme is blooming.

Vitex cuttings rooted last spring have put out new growth too.

Lots and lots of green tomatoes on my Rutgers plants. The beefsteaks and Black Krims are still growing. I should have tomatoes til frost. That was the plan.

The cucumbers shot up almost a foot since Monday afternoon.

I've got beans to pick again this morning. I need to rebuild the starter on the boat. I'm tired of using the trolling motor as the primary means of locomotion. I learned something new this week. It's been a great week. It's 72 degrees and clear. Even I feel refreshed.


Wanda said...

So glad you are enjoying the rain I sent your way! ;) We(TN.) are suppose to have rain and thunderstorm the whole week, at this rate I will never get my deck finished!

Your tomatos are looking good, as are the Stargazers. My Stargazers haven't popped yet, hopefully I can keep the deer away long enough so they will.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow Tom, everything looks great! Glad you got some much needed rain, we're hoping for some down here, and supposedly it's on the way. We'll see.


greggo said...

glad you had a great week. g.

scottweberpdx said...

Aren't Stargazers's one of those flowers I can't quite believe we can grow in the garden...seems too good to be true!

Unknown said...

It's looking incredible! Can't imagine how you would even consider leaving it!

Kris said...

Talk about coincidence. I just gutted the manual starter on the Snapper. Now I don't have to worry about it trying to engage *while* the mower is running. I, too, love the root-beer fragrance of the stargazers. They are intoxicating.

PJ | Outdoor Garden Decor | Home Decor Accents said...

Hey Tom,
I can tell your garden looks just great and everything is doing really good.
I just love your Stargazers. They look just amazing and I need to see if I can find them around here and will plant a few next year. If they will make it through the Texas heat I will have to see.