Saturday, February 19, 2011

Late this year.

Even with the above normal temperatures for this time of year, the daffodils are about 3 days late compared to last year. They've just been waiting for my day off. Going to be a great weekend.

This hill was planted with 200 bulbs last year. Muscari should come along soon.

Upper potager.

The rose and lavender bed.

Daylilies are coming back too.

63 degrees, but feels cool with the breeze. It's still a gorgeous day.


Sunray Gardening said...

That hill is going to be one gorgeous mass of blooms soon. Hope to see updated photos. Added myself as a follower to continue watching.
Goldenray Yorkies

Tim said...

I just love that you have an "upper potager" ! It looks like you'll have an incredible display any day now!