Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm back, baby!

That's the email I wanted to send to my boss this morning. I got a msg from my LNS stating that she had called in sick. I'm off today with no hours left to work. When I closed last night, I managed to get the fountain pod built and filled with rubber mulch. I got the hanging basket racks cut down. I also placed the third concrete stackout pod which consists of five 4' x 8' pieces of plywood attached to pallets. It keeps the stuff out of the runoff from the plant tables. I also stocked fencing and set most of the castlewall block on the front sidewalk. And, I moved 10 hacks of landscape timbers to their spring position. A hack contains 88 timbers, banded. I didn't do it alone. I had spotters and a forklift.

So today, I've done all I can from home. I let my manager know that the LNS was out so no block would be moved today. Instead, I have switched my schedule with Faye so that I can have an hour before the store opens in the morning to get all 36 pallets of pavers and blocks moved to their homes before the store opens. What? I'm optimistic. Just give me a pair of headphones and three cups of coffee. I'll be good to go.

In the basement, it's warm. Outside, it's cold and dreary.

I wouldn't want to be working outside either. I understand. I'm preparing to prepare my containers for sowing seeds tomorrow. I've sorted and printed my labels. I'll get the containers ready today. After work tomorrow, I'll scatter the seeds, water them in, and put them outside. They'll do their thing and I won't worry too much about them until late March. I'm a pro at this thing now.

Pansies are about our only color these days. Entering through the basement door most nights, I miss this color when coming and going. I forget to water it too. It's getting some rain today.

On the front steps, there's evidence that my nephew helped take down the Christmas lights. I should probably sweep this up before all the house hunters come crashing down my door.

It's 36 degrees and sopping wet. Last night there was sleet. I'm staying in the rest of the day. There's plenty of coffee and a stack of wood to feed the heater. I'm going to empty some more pansy hanging baskets for the upper potager. I've got sugar peas to plant along that trellis. I found some carrot seed and brussel sprouts too. I love fresh veggies. I'm gonna try to do it right this time.


Tim said...

Based upon yesterday's workload, I'm not sure I'd be excited about going in tomorrow! Now I understand your Dorito and Mountain Dew diet!

grouchy said...

ya, Tim.....I need a nap just thinking about what he is doing.

Tom, you need a party!

Randy Emmitt said...


I'm back too, been sick all week. Today I installed some of those Lowes glass blocks, making a 44" x 88" wall in a shower. Made it up 30 inches today!

John Gray said...

i so hate winter!