Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Dryer.

It sits next to the basement door. I usually come and go by that door so lots of things end up being left on the dryer. This morning, you can see where my mind is.

The shower attachment was $1.61 on clearance. I didn't need it, but it seemed the right thing to do. The seeds are from a Windmill palm. I asked a customer for a few and she brought me hundreds. The paint was a mistint at the store yesterday. I had Kathie add some gold and my newest color was born.

It'll go over the existing green in the back bedroom. It's a little more soothing and less "bright". I might get around to that if it actually snows tonight like they're forecasting. No accumulation, but it'll still be snowing in the morning. I need more firewood too. Gotta sharpen the chain this morning. I'm done with winter.

It's 30 degrees outside. Cold and windy all day.


Granny said...

Our dryer sits right next to the back door and is a catch-all also. I love the color of that paint.

The shower head was a great buy. I'd have picked that up also.

I think everyone is sick of winter. I know I am.

Darla said...

Oh no! That would not do here to use the dryer as a catch all...BUT our kitchen table catches hell. Love the new paint color. I am done with winter too.

gld said...

Any bare surface becomes a catch-all here.

That color looks very similar to what I used on the wainscoting on the back porch and in our master bathroom.