Wednesday, February 16, 2011

32 days.

Wow. Seems like only last week I started counting. Spring is just over a month away. It's 63 degrees and sunny. My face is chapped.

More C. japonica blooms are on the way.

Carolina jasmine is budding.

There'll be daffodils blooming by Monday.

I might even get to eat some of the Brussel Sprouts I planted in the fall. Babies have formed.

Self sown larkspur is off and running.

Mountain Bluet is returning.

I finished the bedroom yesterday. The color is almost exactly the same as before. It was just to refresh the room. Not bad for an oops paint. I've got a little more firewood to chop. The house is still cold at night. Hopefully, our last chance of frost for a couple weeks is over. 35 is the forecast for tonight. It was cold this morning for the longest time in the garden center.


ONG said...

I can't even put into words how jealous I am! There is nothing better than the promise of blooms and new growth. Awesome shots!

grouchy said...

Believe it or not...I have daffs blooming.

FlowerLady said...

It is so neat to see what is about to bloom at your place. It won't be long now and you will have glorious color all around.

In 32 days I'll turn 62.


Darla said...

The weather has been fantastic around here,pushing 80 for tomorrow's high.....put some lotion on your face.