Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It's 30 degrees, clear and frosty.


Nell Jean said...

Theme song of my garden! Makes me want to get out the song books and play piano all day instead of picking up more debris from Monday night's storm and cutting down two redbuds that squirrels are using as a freeway to the attic.

So much to do before true summertime gets here when it will be too hot and humid to finish all the chores.

greggo said...

Makes me want to sway and play the trumpet. Need the same type of song for springtime.

The Sassy Butterfly's Chaotic Musings said...

Hey Token! I FINALLY found an Osmanthus Fragrans at the big box store!! I've been searching for one since you first posted about yours. And you are right. The scent is absolutely intoxicating!! Thanks so much for a great suggestion. I am planning on propagating quite a few cuttings so I can plant more around the yard.

~Wendy / sassybutterfly_2008 (GW)

Anonymous said...

Tom, send some sunshine and warm temperatures up North. We can use it! I keep thinking about April Showers bring May flowers. So come on Spring..please appear. We've had rain since Monday evening.

Phillip said...

It felt like July here today. :(