Sunday, April 17, 2011

Others weren't so lucky

We got a lot of rain, really terrible winds, and a night of watching the trees bend towards the ground through the sheer curtains.

Sanford Lowe's Home Improvement and other damage.

Today, sunny and 70 degrees. Went to Morrow Mountain with a friend. Great day for a hike.


Lola said...

So sorry for the storm damage. I hope everyone is ok.
I know people in Albamarle. I like N.C. Tn is my home.

Randy Emmitt said...

We went to the basement with the ham radio. No damage here other than damaged daffodils. Glad nothing happened to you.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Sorry to hear that. We are here with heat and heat. No rain for days..

David - Pinewood Cottage said...

glad you are okay. how do you recover from damage like that? it'll take years.

Darla said...

Trying to contact my brother in Vale.......sigh

gld said...

Glad you escaped the damage.

I know others were not so fortunate.

We have lived through two tornados. One destroyed the hay barn and uprooted trees that just brushed the house. I am still finding holes in screens where branches stuck in.

But, no damage to the house or us.

Storm season is a nervous time!

Donna said...

I just found your blog, Tom, while over at Darla's. Glad to hear no damage at your place.

I had to smile at your post about squirrels in your flower pots. I have the same problem...all the time!