Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm going to be making a few visual changes to the blog over the next few days. Most notably, the images will be larger than before. This means the text will be wider too. I hope your monitors are large enough. A 1024x768 resolution should work fine.

Sunday's picture. Taken today.


More changes might be coming later. It's 11pm, 32 degrees and clear.


Jill-O said...

Love the changes so far. So much more detail in the photo.

Tom said...

Thanks Jill. Even I couldn't tell what was in some of the past photos. Now, if I could just get photobucket to resize everything in all my folders automatically...

With Spring coming, I want to be able to see the things popping out of the ground. It's mostly chickweed at the moment. But there are bulbs poking their heads up.