Friday, July 8, 2011

Peaches and herbs.

Have you ever eaten a peach from a tree you planted in the backyard? A peach washed by the summer rainstorm that passed through about an hour before? I have. It was delicious.


About 100 more to come.


The stargazers are still going strong. Seen here with a small Zuni crape myrtle, fancy ditch lilies, Red Texas Star, and a few bits and pieces of other things.


Goldstrum is blooming. The wasps still enjoy the spearmint.


Full Moon Coreopsis gives me some yellow in the yard. It sprawled again. It should grow to about 32". It makes it to about 30 and hits the ground leaving the crown exposed.


The blackberry lilies are blooming too. I wintersowed lots of seeds and planted all of them out a few weeks ago. They will bloom next year for the first time.


On Thursday, a customer came into the store to let us know there were some kittens in a box in the parking lot. Four of them. One went home with a cashier. I am currently in possession of the other three and trying to find them good homes. One is spoken for but will remain with me for a couple weeks. The two males are available.

I gave them a bath as soon as we got home. They were covered in fleas.


The spoken for calico and her brother.


Big tabby is big.


We're about to get our third storm of the afternoon. It's nice having rain every day. The mosquitoes are multiplying faster than the bats.


It's 85 degrees and soggy.


Johanna said...

Yes, I planted a peach tree in my backyard in Chicago. Imagine the surprise of my urban colleagues when I came to the office with a huge, sun-warmed peach for breakfast! Yum!

Randy Emmitt said...


Glad the squirrels don't get them. WE never ate one peach off our tree, eaten green by squirrels. The apple trees had at least 50 apples a month ago, now one remains.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I got a yard cat. I feed this scrawny thing twice a day and she chases away all the squirrels.

FlowerLady said...

How wonderful to have your very own peaches. We had some wonderful peaches from a roadside stand in the peach growing area of Georgia a few years back and they were so juicy and flavorful. Ahhhh.

Those little kittens are adorable. It is hard to resist them, but after having taken in 4 of them and having them fixed, we say NO to any more.

We are having rain this very minute. It is so nice to have glorious rain, to not be worrying about watering just to keep things alive. Hopefully this is definitely the end of our drought. Now it is turning into a jungle as everything grows faster and lusher with rain.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Audrey said...

It's really sweet of you to take care of finding the kitties a home. Love the pics of your yard, as usual! My husband and I pack up the kids and go peach picking every summer in Porter, OK. Maybe this fall I can plant a tree of my own. Do you know what variety yours is?

Crosby Kenyon said...

You do such nice work there with all that sustaining greenery. Kittens, mosquitoes, bats(hopefully) are all part of it. Thanks for sharing your environment.

Michael said...

Looking good. Good luck finding homes for the kittens. I just put down my 19 year old cat yesterday. I had him for 10 years. The old adage is true, you don't own a cat, a cat owns you.

greggo said...

Last year was a bumper crop of peaches. so many they had to be thinned. Borrowed some off a commercial property (pharmacy) as they were falling to the ground. Went back the next day, they were gone. shucks. send me some.....